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Building Learning Powers

Learning Powers – Where the magic of learning comes to life!

We aim to have a whole school ethos where children are rewarded and praised for their learning behaviour and their attitude to work as well as their attainment in class so we started on a journey to become expert learners. We promote a learning culture within the school where the children use ‘learning powers’ to help them to independently improve their learning.  We promote and develop resilience, responsibility, reasoning, reflectivity and resourcefulness to support lifelong learning.

Each of the learning powers is assigned a mythical creature and these are led by Blaze, the Killigrew dragon who is the learning powers leader.  These are:

  • Resilience  – Phoenix – keep going!
  • Responsibility –  Knight -make the right choice and help others to learn
  • Reasoning –  Owl-think carefully before jumping in.
  • Reflectivity –  Unicorn-think about what you have already learnt
  • Resourcefulness –  Fairy-use different things to help us learn.

Each term, the staff identify one child in each class who has demonstrated all of the learning powers and this is celebrated in a special assembly. These children are awarded an expert learner badge.