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Building Learning Powers

Learning Powers-capable, curious, collaborative, conscientious, creative

At Killigrew, we promote a learning culture where our children use ‘learning powers’ to help them learn to the best of their ability. Our learning powers represent the values that we feel are especially important to be a successful life-long learner. We chose these learning powers after asking for feedback from the whole Killigrew school community.

Each of the learning powers is assigned a bird as a motif to tie in with our class names. We wanted our motifs to represent traditional British birds so that the children could see them every day to remind them of our values. We made sure that the birds we chose epitomised the learning power they represented.

Here are our new learning powers

Capable learners – we use the resources we have in the classroom and what we already know to improve our learning – Robin

Curious learners – we ask questions about our learning because we want to find out about the world around us – Magpie
Collaborative learners – we enjoy working kindly with our friends and our adults to improve our learning. We communicate with each other respectfully to support our learning – Swallow
Conscientious learners – we work hard, we reflect on what we know, and we are resilient in the face of challenge – Owl


Creative learners – we make good choices about how we display our work, and we enjoy being creative in all subjects – Wren


Each term, staff identify one child in each class who has demonstrated all of the learning powers and this is celebrated in a special assembly. These children are awarded an expert learner badge.